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Public Notice of Release, Spill or Overfill from an Underground Storage Tank

Re: Public Notice of Release, Spill or Overfill from an Underground Storage Tank


Facility ID #17010

Incident #202401505

Dear County Health Officer:

Due to a change in state law (IC 13-23-16) effective July 1, 2007, IDEM must report any release from an underground storage tank system and surface spill or overfill to the county health officer in the county which the incident occurred. The law further requires that the county health officer publish a notice of the release, spill or overfill in a newspaper of general circulation in that county and provide any other notice considered necessary or appropriate. The newspaper notice must be published within 7 days of receipt of this letter.

On March 12, 2024, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) received a confirmed release report of such an incident from the owner or operator of Circle K #2313 located at 7788 East 96th Street in or near Fishers, Indiana in Hamilton County.

State regulations require the owner and operator of the underground storage tank to take immediate steps to contain and clean up a spill or overfill. If a release to the environment occurs due to a leaking tank, spill or overfill, the owner and operator are required to investigate the extent of the release and take steps to prevent any further release. They are also required to mitigate any fire, explosion or vapor hazards, and to the extent possible mitigate adverse impacts on human health and the environment. Based on the information provided at the time of the release report, IDEM will either grant a no further action or require the owner or operator to conduct an investigation of the release to determine if corrective action is required.

Please see the following website for a more complete discussion of IDEM’s Petroleum Remediation Program:

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