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With nearly 60% of the population in Fishers, IN, involved with area schools, the Fishers Health Department (FHD) prioritizes public health initiatives to support school health.

The School Health section of our website provides a one-stop source of information about how FHD helps support area schools to ensure the health and wellbeing of students, families, and staff. One vital component of FHD’s school health work is a dedicated school health liaison position to partner with schools and the community to identify and address health needs and promote wellbeing. Partnership work with area schools aims to develop and implement effective public health programs and policies to ensure students, families, and staff have access to the resources and support they need to stay healthy.

School Health Liaison 

The School Health Liaison serves as a public health partner for schools. This position acts as the communication and partnership hub among area schools and FHD, supporting school nurses and staff to meet the needs of the students and families, and improve overall public health outcomes. The school health liaison assists with identifying needs within the community and developing supportive measures to meet those needs such as co-developing programs, coordinating health screenings, scheduling immunization clinics, setting up health education opportunities, and other community services. Interested in learning more or partnering with FHD? Contact us at