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Fishers Health Department (FHD) was formed on April 24, 2020, upon the approval of the City Council to create a health department that will be agile, resilient, and proactive in protecting and promoting the health and wellbeing of Fishers residents. 

As one of three municipal-level health departments in the state, FHD was borne out of the recognized need to provide local public health services amidst a global pandemic. The FHD team collaborates across the whole of the City of Fishers government to provide public health expertise during policy decisions, ensuring evidence-informed and health in all policy approaches to local government. The FHD’s approach is to integrate evidence-informed public health policy has been highlighted by others as an exemplar for ensuring public health is at the fore of government policies.

The Fishers Health Department exists to bring a high level of health and safety services to the residents of Fishers.

Indy Lane Headshot

Indy Lane, M.D., FACOG
Chief Medical Director

Fishers Health Department

Monica Hertz Headshot

Monica Heltz, DNP, MPH, APRN
Public Health Director

Fishers Health Department

The Fishers Health Department manages:

  • Any action authorized by state statute or rule of the state department to control communicable diseases
  • Making sanitary and health inspections necessary to carry out the purposes of Ind. Code §16-20-4
  • Investigating the existence of any contagious or infectious disease
  • Adopting measures, not inconsistent with the rules of the state department, to arrest the progress of contagious or infectious disease
  • Making all necessary sanitary and health investigations and inspections
  • Entering into contracts for the provision of health services within the board’s jurisdiction in accordance with Ind. Code §16-20-1-8
  • Contracting or purchasing planning services considered essential to the development of an effective community health program in accordance with Ind. Code §16-20-1-8
  • Confirming the appointment of professional employees who are appointed by the health officer and who meet the qualification requirements of the board for the respective professional employee positions
  • Providing reports of department activities to the state department in accordance with state department rules
  • Enforcing the board’s or officer’s orders, citations, and administrative notices by an action in the circuit or superior court in accordance with Ind. Code §16-20-1-26
  • With the approval of the Mayor, establishing and collecting fees for specific services and records established by local ordinances and state law; however, fees may not exceed the cost of services provided. The fees shall be accounted for and transferred to the health fund of the taxing jurisdiction
  • All other powers and duties as provided by Indiana law
  • In 2021, the Fishers Health Department began integrating public health emergency response services into the City’s emergency response protocols. Local health staff are trained in preparedness planning to respond to and deploy resources during health emergencies. We provide a public health response network for assistance in natural and man-made disasters that occur in Fishers.