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The Fishers Health Department offers immunizations for both children and adults, regardless of insurance at the Fishers Health Department Clinic (8937 Technology Drive, Fishers IN). We can bill most insurances via VaxCare and also support Vaccines for Children and the 317 Program for public vaccines.

  • Services are by appointment only.
  • Consent and medical history forms are needed from a parent/guardian.
  • Administration fee: $20 per person may apply for services unable to be billed to insurance. Some services have extra costs, based on partner rates. No administration fee for uninsured/underinsured individuals.
  • Payment methods: Cash, e-check, credit card (processing fees apply for e-checks and cards).
  • Confirm insurance coverage before your visit.

Register for an appointment or call our clinic at 317-537-0500 to schedule.

Fishers Health Department Clinic Hours

Seasonal Vaccines (Winter 2023)

Key School Vaccine Milestones

  • Kindergarten: DTaP, IPV, MMR, Varicella
  • 6th Grade: Tdap, MCV4, HPV (2 doses)
  • 12th Grade: MCV4 (#2), MenB (2 doses)
  • Annually: COVID-19 and Flu vaccine around October


  • Stay updated on COVID-19 vaccines. We always have slots for appointments.
  • We follow the Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule. Most vaccines are given from birth to 18 months, as advised by health experts.
  • Book your appointments early! We can’t guarantee slots during high-demand periods.
  • Is your child nervous about shots? Explore the storybook, “Miss Violet Vaccine” by local Fishers author Daisy Ramani, to help ease their anxiety.

Wondering which vaccines you need? Check the CDC’s adult vaccine recommendations. Note: Those with specific health conditions may have additional needs.

Our typical recommendations, aside from current COVID-19 guidelines:

  • Hepatitis B: If not completed earlier
  • Tdap: Every 10 years, for wounds, or during pregnancy
  • Zoster (SHINGRIX): Starting at age 50
  • Pneumococcal: Starting at age 65
  • HPV: Up to age 45, based on consultation
  • Flu: Annually, around October
  • Need the Shingles vaccine (SHINGRIX)? We offer it for insured patients or those who can pay out-of-pocket. It’s not part of the public vaccine program currently.

Appointment Guidelines